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At Naples Plumbing, we are committed to serving both residential and commercial customers with grease trap installations services. If you are located in Naples, Marco Island, Ave Maria, Golden Gate, Orangetree, Goodland, and Lely, Florida. Health codes in the area mandate grease traps specifically for restaurants and other food service industries. Grease trap installation requires a professional because permits will need to be drawn and inspections will need to be done to ensure that the grease trap meets with code requirements. If you are in the commercial industry and need a grease trap installed, look no further than your professionals at Naples Plumbing. 

What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap performs the functions that its name implies—it collects grease and oil particles from the wastewater before it has a chance to flow further into drain pipes and sewer lines. Because of the chemical separation of grease and water, oily substances can create gunky buildup in pipelines if a grease trap is not used. That greasy build up not only has the potential to inhibit water flow, but it can also cause damage to plumbing systems. Grease traps are essential, especially in properties that deal with oil and grease on a regular basis. 

The Importance of Grease Traps

Code officials consider grease traps to be important to our community as a whole because, without them, the municipal lines in the Naples area could become overwhelmed with build up, causing problems throughout the county. Because food service companies and restaurants have an abundance of grease and oil that get flushed down the drains (from dish and utensil washing, among other common daily functions), a grease trap is necessary to protect the wellbeing of the plumbing in our area. 

Even though local codes don’t require them, households can also benefit from the installation of grease traps. Homeowners may want to consider a grease trap if there are numerous people living in the home or if there is typically a lot of cooking going on. We are glad to come and assess the drain pipes in a home to see if an unusual amount of build up is accumulating. If so, we can recommend and install the proper residential size grease trap to protect the integrity of the plumbing system. 

Grease Trap Installation Services

Our professionals consult with local guidelines and assess the current plumbing system before recommending a grease trap to our clients. Grease traps need to be sized correctly in order to work properly in each application. A grease trap that is too small will require numerous cleanings, which can be costly. A grease trap that is too large demands an unnecessary upfront cost and may not perform efficiently. Once the correct grease trap is determined, our team of plumbing experts will cut the pipe (usually close to the sink drain), insert the trap, and seal all connections. After installation is complete, we recommend finding a professional grease trap cleaner to ensure proper function in the long term. 

Your Local Grease Trap Experts in Naples, Florida

Give Naples Plumbing a call to schedule a grease trap installation in your home or business. It’s just one of the ways in which we’re happy to serve our community.


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