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Plumbing leaks are a major concern for property owners. Whether the leak is large or small, repair needs to be done in a timely manner to avoid extensive damage that leads to costly repairs. Sometimes leaks are visible with no question that water is escaping from your pipes. Whereas other leaks can be small and hidden, slowly damaging your property over time. At Naples Plumbing, we’re glad to offer leak detection services to our customers in order to pinpoint unseen leaks before they become larger problems. 

When is Leak Detection Necessary?

There are several indicators that leak detection may be necessary. If a water bill spikes, for instance, that is probably a sign that water is leaking somewhere in the slab or underground. Puddles in the yard or around the foundation are also tell-tale signs of a leak. On the inside, your Naples property accumulated moisture or mold is a sign that leak detection should be done promptly. Sometimes property owners may hear a dripping sound or the sound of running water from within the walls of their home or business which should be investigated immediately. 

The most common sign that you are suffering from a pipe leak is a water spot on the ceilings or walls of your property. Visible water spots indicate a buildup of the problem over time which will lead to other aspects of your home or business is repaired as well. Overall, leak detection is necessary whenever a property owner thinks that there may be a leak present. Because our leak detection services are budget-friendly, it’s best to have leak detection done at the first threat of a leak. Putting it off can only cause more problems in the future.

Types of Leak Detection in Naples, Florida

There are a variety of leaks that can occur within your sewer and drain system which is why our team specializes in a variety of leak detection services that will quickly and accurately diagnose your leaks. 

Thermal Imaging

For interior walls and some flooring materials, using thermal imaging equipment is the most effective method of discovering leaks. Thermal imaging allows the technician to pinpoint heat signatures that indicate a water leak without having to disturb drywall and flooring. 

Audio Leak Detection

Another type of leak detection includes the use of hypersensitive audio equipment. This type of leak detection is useful for underground leaks. Using audio sensors along with highly specialized headphones, our trained technicians can hear differences in the flow that will clue them into the leak’s location. Audio leak detection can be also be done effectively up to thirty feet below ground level, which makes it a great choice for detecting water main or even sewer leaks.

Slab Leak Detection

For leaks that occur beneath your home, our team will have to inspect the slab of your home with minimal destruction to your property. Slab leak detection often requires minimal excavation to access your underground pipes and requires specialized equipment to locate the leak within your system. 

Camera Inspection

Our professionals may also employ the use of camera inspection equipment to visibility see the damage within your pipe. Depending upon the probable location of the leak, sometimes it’s easiest to snake our visual equipment through the pipeline on its long, flexible cable from a single entry point. With camera inspection technology, we are able to see any fractures within the pipe. The equipment also sends a signal to the operator regarding the exact location, in order to minimize the repair damage. 

Choose Naples Plumbing to Detect Your Leaks Today

Using the latest technology, our plumbing professionals can perform leak detection quickly and effectively, which helps to set our customers’ minds at ease. Once leak detection has been performed, our team will draw up a plan to remedy the problem in a timely manner. In addition to Naples, our team services Marco Island, Ave Maria, Golden Gate, Orangetree, Goodland, and Lely, Florida. If you are interested in our leak detection services, contact us a call to schedule leak detection service for your Naples property.


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