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Our customers’ health is of utmost concern for us at Naples Plumbing. That’s why we’re pleased to offer water filtration systems to both our residential and commercial clients. Filtered water is better for drinking and cleaning because it is free of contaminants and particles. Property owners with water filtrations systems report better tasting water, along with water that interacts better with soaps and other cleansers. There are numerous different types of water filtration systems available, and we’re glad to help our clients select and install the system that is best for them.

Why Water Filtration is Important

The water in our area, whether municipal or well-sourced, are known to be relatively safe for everyday use. However, water filtration systems help to remove excess minerals and any foreign particles that may have accumulated in the water due to pipe deterioration, sediment, and more. Whole home water filtration systems are installed near the water main so that every faucet inside the home is covered, as well as the unseen plumbing system as a whole. This helps to protect the piping from scaly buildup caused by hard or mineral-filled water. Water filters can also be installed at a single location, such as a kitchen sink, for single source drinking water consumption. 

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are several different types of water filtration systems available on the market. Each system will serve your home differently which is why it is important to explore your options. No matter what system you choose, water filtration is always a safe choice for you and your family. 

Activated Alumina Filter: This type of filter is especially effective for those who wish to remove fluoride from drinking water. Alumina—a substance with the same properties of gemstones— also rids the water of arsenic and selenium.

Activated Charcoal Filter: Charcoal is a common water filter, sometimes used in pitchers, but also available on a larger scale. Charcoal is known to remove volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and other sediments, as well as improve the taste of water.

Ceramic Filters: Ceramic filters are helpful for removing bacteria because of its small pores which allow water to pass through. When coated with silver, these filters can also rid the water of algae and mold. Ceramic filters have a long lifespan.

Reverse Osmosis Filter: By forcing water through a thin membrane, reverse osmosis filters can remove pollutants, parasites, and viruses. Because of their high-quality effectiveness, these filters often cost more but have excellent results. 

Ultraviolet Filter: Using UV light, this type of filter kills all living microorganisms quickly and effectively. However, it needs an energy source to run.

Trust Naples Plumbing with Your Water Filtration Needs

Our professionals are equipped with knowledge about the best water filtration methods for various applications. Water testing can help to determine what type of contaminants and particles are present in order to ensure the most effective removal solutions. At Naples Plumbing, we recognize that a water filtration system—especially at the whole house level—can be a big investment. We want our customers to feel confident in the water cleansing methods that are right for them. That’s why we’re glad to consult with our clients and help them choose the type of water filtration system that fits their needs and budget. 


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